6 Real Wedding Lip-locks for International Kissing Day

Prepare to pucker up with these smooching pics of Seattle couples.

Break out the breath mints and lip balm: today we celebrate International Kissing Day, and in honor of the, er, “holiday” we’re sharing six sweet and swoon-worthy smooching pics of Real Wedding couples featured in the pages of our magazine and on our blog. Check out the lip-locked moments below, and click on each couple’s names to see more photos of their Real Wedding and to read their love story.


1. Real Wedding: Janine Wei and Mark Puzas


2. Real Wedding: Leslie Schober & Dillon Nicely


3. Real Wedding: Gary Ireland & Gilbert Archuleta


4. Real Wedding: Kerry Riley & Michael Lynd


5. Real Wedding: Robin White & Josh Quinn


6. Real Wedding: Mike Quinlan & Mike Salvadore