Rue De Seine’s New Nomadic Love Bridal Collection

Check out snaps of the free-sprited frocks from New Zealand's boho-chic, big-day label

By Tessa Woolf

Fancy yourself a free spirit? Then you’ll fall head-over-gladiator-sandals for the latest big-day frocks by Rue De Seine, the bohemian, French-It-Girl-inspired bridal collection. Below, check out images of Rue De Seine’s new “Nomadic Love” campaign—the gowns will be released in October. Shop the label at The Dress Theory in Seattle.

Rue-De-Seine-5 Rue-De-Seine-1 Rue-De-Seine-2 Rue-De-Seine-3 Rue-De-Seine-4 Rue-De-Seine-13 Rue-De-Seine-6 Rue-De-Seine-7 Rue-De-Seine-8 Rue-De-Seine-9 Rue-De-Seine-10 Rue-De-Seine-11 Rue-De-Seine-12