Sweetest Things: Valentine’s Day Chocolate Ideas

Nine unique treats and personalized confections in time for V-Day giving and receiving.

Trying to send the right message to your spicy senorita or classically romantic beau? Our resident chocolate expert (seriously, she has a degree) Alyssa Volpigno shares her nine favorite bars and bon bons for Valentine’s Day gift giving.

Every Valentine’s Day I momentarily fantasize about what it would be like to receive a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates, but the minute I start to imagine blindly biting into mediocre confections, that dream disappears. In my opinion, it’s far more romantic to pick chocolates (or any gift for that matter) for your significant other because they remind you of him or her.

To help, I’ve curated three V-Day themes surrounding some of my favorite Seattle-area chocolates. Some of these selections require a special trip to Pioneer Square, but others can be found last minute at your local drug store.


Intrigue Chocolate Co’s Everything Bagel and Basil Ganache: The boutique Pioneer Square brand specializes in out-of-the-box flavors, and these two are our favorites. The Everything Bagel ganache is an unexpected mix of garlic, poppy seed, and sundried tomatoes, and it totally works. Pick up a 12-piece collection of rotating flavors for just $20.
Available at Intrigue Chocolate Co




Theo Chocolate Champagne Pomegranate Pate de Fruit Confection: Part of Theo’s Valentine’s Day ‘Aphrodisiac Collection’ (pictured here) this fruity and elegant chocolate will set the mood, so to speak.
Available at Theo Chocolate





Jcoco’s Agave Quinoa Sesame Milk Chocolate Bar: A delicious milk chocolate bar with some crunchy and unexpected ingredients.
Available at Bartell Drugs





Classic and Romantic

Perugina_Baci_Chocolate_sm4fmlPerugina Baci Chocolate: These confections are made in Italy and have a romantic note (with an English translation!) inside the wrap of each hazelnut chocolate.
Available at any Seattle QFC




Seattle Chocolates’ Pink Bubbly Bar: This locally made dark chocolate bar contains a raspberry filling with unflavored pop rocks to emulate bubbly champagne.
Available at Bartell Drugs





Dilettante’s Brandied Cherries: An elevated version of the cherry cordial. Each box includes three milk and three dark chocolates.
Available at Dilettante Mocha Cafe locations


 Savory and Salty

20pc_gray_smoked_2_bizultFran’s Chocolates Salted Caramels: You can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite classic chocolate-plus-salt confection. Fran’s crafts them in milk or dark chocolate, topped with gray or smoked sea salt.
Available at Fran’s Chocolates




Guido Gobino Cremino with EVOO and Sea Salt: Can’t spring for a trip to Italy? Substitute this fudgy chocolate with nutty and savory extra virgin olive oil.
Available at DeLaurenti






Alter Ego’s Dark Salted Brown Butter: This is officially the best dark chocolate bar I’ve ever tried. It’s fair trade and made with butter from grass-fed cows, which gives a bit of a tangy note to the chocolate.
Available at Bartell Drugs

All images via their respective brands.