Dessert: Chocolate Kisses



berried away

Wrapped in dark chocolate and decorated with pink sugar ribbons, the inside of this stately chocolate chiffon cake (opposite page) is striped with chocolate-caramel ganache and milk-chocolate mousse. The enticing accompaniment: tender chocolate tart crusts filled with fresh raspberries, tucked into chocolate-raspberry ganache. By Jen Nurse at Jen’s Desserts (425-922-9080;


Go Nuts

Inside pistachio-macaroon-studded, dark-chocolate-glazed domes, three colorful layers of pistachio caramel, chocolate mousse cake, and cherry and pistachio crémeux (a blend of pastry and whipping creams) transport tasters to a Parisian pâtisserie. By William Leaman at Bakery Nouveau (206-923-0534)


jewel in the crown

Hand-crafted, polka-dotted creamy chocolate wraps this whimsical creation; a marzipan orange crowns it. The chocolate cake inside is sweet sophistication: devil’s food with orange and milk-chocolate mousse. By Sue McCown at Mmmmm … (206-799-2755)


ride the waves

Modeling chocolate coaxed into gentle waves and offset by a Tiffany-blue center makes these tiers well suited to a seaside affair. Inside, rich chocolate cake soaked with Meyer’s rum syrup is balanced by layers of creamy coconut filling. By Dan Mikosz at Starry Nights Catering & Events (425-284-2479;


make yours a triple


The delicate scroll piping and handmade white chocolate flowers decorating the hexagonal tiers of this ivory and true-white cake provide an elegant contrast to the rich chocolate-cappuccino mousse cake inside. A thin spread of buttercream brings out the oh-so-Seattle coffee-with-milk flavor. By Bonnie Lyons at New Renaissance Cakes (206-920-5322;