Needful Things: Brass Tacks

Detailed Suiting | Photos by Justin Gollmer

wedding-cufflinks-attire1) Sterling silver money clip $175, Tiffany and Co   2) Jack Spade stainless steel money clip $95, Barneys New York   3) Jonathan Wachtel onyx cuff links $145, Butch Blum   4) David Donahue sterling silver propeller cuff links $165, Neiman Marcus   5) Metal cuff links by Seattle’s Dylan Clissold $90, Fremont Jewelry Design   6) Sterling silver and copper cuff links by local jeweler Sally Brock $160, Fancy   7) Peter M rose gold knot cuff links $49, The Finerie   8) Anodized stainless steel tie bar by Swank $30, Kuhlman  9) Jack Spade stainless steel tie bar $85, Barneys New York  10) Vintage tie bar $16, Kuhlman   11) Oxidized sterling silver cuff links by Seattle jeweler Sarah Loertscher $210, SAM Shop  12) Sterling silver double knot cuff links $425, Tiffany and Co   13) Sterling silver and copper cuff links by Seattle’s Michael Cepress $198, Michael Cepress