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What’s Your Take On…Banning Cameras at Weddings?

When do you say "no photos" to wedding guests?

Image via Photo Etiquette Cards

Virginia-based Photo Etiquette Cards is looking to put an end to amateur camera clicks at weddings.

The company has created six styles of handouts that politely ask guests to keep their cameras in their pockets, with phrases like, “We want to see you in our photos, not your cameras or smart phones.” The intention is that a camera ban will, among other things, improve professional photos that are potentially marred by iPhone flashes, personal cameras in the background, and blocked shots; andkeep guests from sharing your big day on social media before you’ve had a chance to see the photos.

On the one hand, perhaps that pro pic of the bride walking down the aisle is, well, we wouldn’t sayruined, but maybe slighted by all the iPhone wielding attendees in the background. And yes, we can think of plenty of instances where a third cousin’s eagerness to snap a close-up could interfere with the hired photographer’s sight line.

But, isn’t your big day also a big day for your guests? It seems that weddings are a celebration of not only two lives coming together, but of the many friends and family who make up the lives of those two people. By busting out their digital cameras, attendees are just documenting a memory, and a special one at that—for everyone involved.

So what’s your take on this? Are guests ruining wedding photos with iPhone shots and personal cameras? Or should they be allowed to take amateur snaps for Instagram fodder? Where do you draw the line? Let us know in the comments section below.