Wedding Workouts: Brides and Beyond Pilates App

Getting fit in time for the big day? There's an app for that.

brides beyond pilates

Wedding apps abound: When prepping for the big day couples can download tools for everything from planning to budgeting to dress selecting.

And for looking your best in that app-chosen gown, local Pilates instructor Kira Elste added one more.

The Brides and Beyond Pilates app includes eight workout videos led by Elste with exercises that aim to tone and lengthen muscles of particular concern to brides: shoulders, upper backs, arms, waist—basically anything that might show in a slinky strapless gown. Each video is around 20 minutes long, so you can do one on a coffee break or stack two or three together for a more traditional workout. No extra equipment is required, though Elste sometimes a resistance band and weights.

We tested out a couple videos and were actually surprised by the immediate results. Two videos in two days left us feeling the burn (a bit), but more impressive was how much we actually liked Elste as a teacher. She’s enthusiastic and encouraging and somehow manages to be one of those incredibly in-shape people that you can’t seem to hate. Brides and Beyond probably isn’t a one-stop shop, but combined with some cardio and a balanced diet it’s a great alternative to high-priced Pilates classes.

Add the app to your planning arsenal for less than a skinny vanilla latte; it’s available for Apple and Android products for just $3.99.