Needful Things: Pinterest

Pinned on your bouquet, sash, or faux fur wrap, brooches add a touch of classic charm


1) Alexis Bittar gunmetal panther pin. $375, Neiman Marcus

2) Vintage rhinestone brooch. $165, The Finerie

3) 1820s Georgian 14K gold and paste stone brooch. $4,500, Isadora’s

4) Vintage rhinestone shoe clip. $42,

5) Crystal brooch by Tasha. $78, Nordstrom

6) Crystalline rhinestone brooch (part of set). $48, Anthropologie

7) Anton Heunis stone and rhinestone pin. $225, Neiman Marcus

8) Crystal tassel brooch by Fragments. $185, Neiman Marcus

9) Ladybug pin (part of set). $48, Anthropologie

10) Jose and Maria Barrera fleur-de-lis brooch. $445, Neiman Marcus

11) Bee pin (part of set). $48, Anthropologie

12) Vintage rhinestone pin. $225, The Finerie

13) Sterling silver, agate, and smoky quartz brooch by local artist Debra Baxter. $140, Hitchcock Madrona

14) Late Victorian–era garnet crown brooch. $475, Isadora’s 

15) Victorian-inspired vintage emerald brooch. $150, 


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