Last Look: Lover’s Almanac

We consulted moon charts, farmers market logs, and the annals of history for this guide to 2013

Amelia Sopher Photography


Predicted driest Saturday 1/26
Average day/night temperature 47/37
Median sunset time 4:57
Full moon 1/27
Local brew Gunpowder Plot Porter, Black Raven Brewing


Predicted driest Saturday 2/23
Average day/night temperature 50/37
Median sunset time 5:32
Full moon 2/25
Local botanical Pussy willow
Local seafood Kumamoto oysters


Predicted driest Saturday 3/30
Average day/night temperature 54/39
Median sunset time 6:11
Full moon 3/27
Local botanical Daffodil


Predicted driest Saturday 4/27
Average day/night temperature 59/43
Median sunset time 7:00
Full moon April 25
Local edible Wild mushrooms


Predicted driest Saturday 5/25
Average day/night temperature 64/48
Median sunset time 7:41
Full moon 5/25
Regional seafood Copper River salmon


Predicted driest Saturday 6/29
Average day/night temperature 70/52
Median sunset time 8:09
Full moon 6/23
Local botanical Peony


Predicted driest Saturday 7/20
Average day/night temperature 76/56
Median sunset time 8:03
Full moon 7/22
Local produce Strawberries


Predicted driest Saturday 8/3
Average day/night temperature 76/57
Median sunset time 7:21
Full moon 8/21
Local botanical Gladiolus
Local favor Lavender honey


Predicted driest Saturday 9/7
Average day/night temperature 71/53
Median sunset time 6:21
Full moon 9/19
Local botanical Dahlia


Predicted driest Saturday 10/5
Average day/night temperature 60/47
Median sunset time 5:21
Full moon 10/18
Local favor Toasted pumpkin seeds


Predicted driest Saturday 11/2
Average day/night temperature 51/41
Median sunset time 4:32
Full moon 11/17
Local botanical Ornamental kale
Local produce Brussels sprouts


Predicted driest Saturday 12/28
Average day/night temperature 46/36
Median sunset time 4:18
Full moon 12/27
Local décor Dried hot pepper wreath