Editor’s Note


We hadn’t been at the cocktail reception for more than five minutes when it occurred to me: this wedding is going to need an iPhone charging station. And this was one of those preceremony cocktail receptions, mind you. The party had scarcely started and almost all of the hundred or so revelers were already snapping and uploading shots of the Highlands’ sun-bathed mountain-and-sound views, the bright ribbons that hung from evergreen branches, and the dapper groom’s locally made suit. I’m surprised we didn’t bring down Instagram that afternoon, so fevered, passionate, and incessant was our posting.

Welcome to the world of modern weddings; someone is Skyping a foreign aunt, someone is tweeting for the office buddies who didn’t make the guest list, someone is “liking” their date’s picture of the macaron tower.

And someone—like my friend, the chic bride in photographer Ben Blood’s photograph above—is getting a preview of their own party. As my husband and I sipped gin cocktails on the patio and she waited to make her grand entrance, I beamed her pictures of guests in their color-blocked pastel dresses and laser-cut pocket squares.

I’m sure there are etiquette-obsessed wedding planners who disapprove of high-tech party updates, and certainly there’s a proper time and place for it all (not during the father-of-the-bride’s toast, for example), but there’s something so Seattle about utilizing technology in the presence of spectacular natural beauty and life-changing love.

Every day on this planet brings discoveries and challenges-—sometimes so quickly you can’t keep up with them. Your wedding, and your life together, will be that way, too. The future is in every step you take from here on out. You might as well have fun documenting it—just remember to bring a charger.