Go See: The Seattle Wedding Show

It's Seattle's biggest wedding show, and it's coming up soon. Where to find us and what'll be there for you when you arrive

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.41.35 PM Image: The Guardian UK
Imagine the most beautiful French clamping excursion, and you’ve got a hint as to what our Seattle Wedding Show space will feel like. And it’s a hint to what your reception might feel like too–courtesy PJ Hummel and Company.


The trend in wedding shows is absolutely, positively boutique-y; showcases around Seattle and the rest of the world put the emphasis on intimately curated collections of makers, doers, designers, and other essential and add-on vendors, and welcome couples to mix, and mingle, conspire and get inspired.

Seattle Met Bride & Groom’s two favorites? We’re biased, of course. Get Hitched Give Hope, with its proven record of couples helping others while they help themselves, and the brand new First Look.

But when it comes to inclusive soup-to-nuts surveys of our city’s wedding industry, there’s no getting around the annual Seattle Wedding Show. Just about everyone is there, so whether you’re just getting started with planning and plotting or if you’re just on the hunt for that perfect-for-you calligrapher, it’s the sort of work/party workparty that marries fun and function.

This year’s massive meet and greet goes down on Saturday and Sunday January 12 and 13 at the Convention Center in downtown Seattle; tickets are onsale now.

We’ll be there, in booth # 1710, but don’t worry too much about mapping it out; you won’t be able to miss our double-wide grown-up, glamorous summer camp set-up, courtesy the incredibly talented and well-resourced PJ Hummel and Co.

We hope you’ll make our booth one of your first stops; you’ll be able to pick up the brand-new, just-released copy of Seattle Met Bride & Groom‘s winter/spring 2013 issue.

With that in mind, here’s a list of things to bring, think about, and plan on for the weekend.

Bring a tote bag with a good shoulder strap, or perhaps better yet, a backpack. Vendors have samples, pamphlets, brochures, and other goodies for you, and you’ll want both hands free as you reach for cupcake samples and the kind handshakes of new and old friends.

-Plan on attending on Saturday, getting a handstamp, and returning on Sunday. Yep. Two days for the price of one. Some couples send an emissary for the first day (and yes, it’s often the bride-to-be), and then return together on Sunday to do more indepth investigations of the folks that really piqued interests on Saturday.

-There are five chances to watch top styles from local wedding fashion outlets hit the runway; Saturday at 11:30, 1:30, and 3:30 and Sunday at 12:30 and 3:30.

-While there is certainly no dress code for the show, I’m always a little dismayed at those who show up in sweats. Sure, we’re all there to get some work done, and I’m not suggesting heels and sequins, but why not approach all aspects of planning with sophistication, eleganceand respect? If you dress in workout wear, it’ll feel like a workout. If you dress in your favorite daytime special occassion gear, it’ll feel like the special occassion that it truly is. We recently called an end to casual Friday; we’re in favor of being mindfully dressed for every occassion.

-There are many sign-up and opt-in opportunities, so some couples bring return address label stickers to plop down, saving them the hand cramping and time of jotting down their info.

-Assistant style editor Amanda Zurita, advertising director Dixie Duncan, and I will be there with a rotating cast of Seattle Met and Seattle Met Bride & Groom folks—including events manager Libby Kindle, who has planned more than a few events in her time. Please bring us your questions and concerns. We love talking with you.