Introducing Hourglass Footwear

New local brand Hourglass Footwear turns plain pumps into painted works of art—the perfect fit for a wedding.

Can’t seem to find your perfect fit? Have you been fruitlessly looking all over town for those chevron-style pumps to pair with your rehersal dress? Hourglass Footwear wants to remedy that with their selection of artisan, hand-painted shoes in enough designs to satisfy even the choosiest of shoppers.

hourglass-footwearThe locally run online shop opened earlier this year when artists Kira Bundlie and Lisa Ström decided to combine their shoe addictions with their creative talents to make gorgeous, original art for your tootsies.

Styles range from platforms to flats and each painted piece is triple-sealed to ensure designs hold up through wear-and-tear. If you have a pair of shoes that could use to be jazzed up a bit, Hourglass also customizes pairs that you send in. Currently, the artists offer over 80 designs ranging in looks from peacock feathers to blood spatter.

For the bride that wants to feel extra-special on her wedding day, Hourglass offers entirely custom shoes, and they assure us they can paint almost anything. “We’re very lucky—the range of talent in our group is incredibly broad. We encourage women to let their imaginations run wild, and we want to work with them to create their dream shoes,” said Bundlie.

Hourglass has two bridal packages, both of which include deals on a matching set of flats so brides can hit the dancefloor in comfort and style.