Advice: Rules of Engagement

The only hard-and-fast guideline: collaborate with your photographer and express what’s real


Jenni Olson & David Keniston

by Angela and Evan Photography

Their Wedding May 27, 2012, at Pickering Farm Barn in Issaquah

The Shot “I grew up in Montana, and David grew up here in Seattle,” explains Olson. “We want to represent that combination by creating a chic, modern-but- antique feeling for the wedding, and we wanted our engagement photos to express our urban side and our everyday style.” When Olson told photographer Angela Carlyle about the blueprint room at the design firm where she works, they both knew it would prove the perfect setting.


Adrienne Porter Felt & Mark Murphy

by Mastin Studio

Their Wedding May 29, 2011, in Carmel, California

The Shot “I’d gone kayaking at the Washington Park Arboretum with my wife the day she told me she was pregnant,” recalls photographer Kirk Mastin. “The waterways were glowing with gold light, and I knew it would be an excellent place for a photo shoot. For this particular shot I needed to wade out about six feet from the shore and stand waist deep in the water next to the boat. The bottom was very muddy so I had to work fast to keep from getting completely stuck. I barely made it back to shore with my camera—I was holding it as high as I could over my head, hoping not to get stuck or trip on a submerged tree root.”


 Amber Lenhart & Brian Falteisek

by Clane Gessel Photography

Their Wedding June 30, 2012 (her parents’ 28th wedding anniversary), at Trezzi Farm in Eastern Washington

The Shot “The overall mood of the big day will reflect our personalities: laid-back, comfortable, fun, and a little silly. We definitely wanted to mirror these same traits in our engagement pictures,” says Lenhart. “The props and setting we chose for our engagement photos show us in our natural habitat: when it’s too rainy to go out, we’re inside reading, playing board games, or just generally being lazy.”